Modern Women in STEM

There is not another book project like this one

So many STEM books targeted to young girls are history books. The goal of this book project is to encourage young girls to pursue STEM by providing them with living, real-life examples of women who are succeeding in these fields (and who are not dead): ourselves! We want to show young girls that STEM role models are right here, right now to inspire them.

The Modern Women in STEM Book Project seeks inspiring women leaders in STEM to contribute to a collective memoir. We need original, passionate, stories that describe your perseverance, spirit, brilliance, success, commitment, personal transformation or growth in a high-energy, inspirational style through words and photographs.

The call for submissions is open!

Why you should participate

  1. You have life experience that is inspirational to young girls
  2. Sharing your story advances ideas that you care about
  3. Positioning yourself as a woman leader through this collaboration
  4. Highlighting the important work you have accomplished
  5. Elevating your field of study

Call for collaboration

Don’t mistakenly think you do not have an inspirational story to tell, all of our experiences benefit young girls so long as they can relate to our values, experiences and background. Here is an opportunity for you to show young girls that they can pursue ambitious goals and succeed just like yourself!

Suggested steps:

A memoir's takeaway is a gift to the reader: something heartfelt, universal and true.

-Brooke Warner

Selection process

An editorial committee is charged with selecting the best stories and photos to create the book. The submission of photos is OPTIONAL. Reviewers will be looking for original, passionate stories that describe your perseverance, spirit, brilliance, success, commitment, personal transformation and growth in a high-energy, inspirational style through words and pictures. Individual submissions should be new work – not previously published.

To increase your chances of having your story selected please see our Instructions for Writing Your Story.

The editor

Dawn Heimer has a PhD in Behavioral Genetics from the University of Connecticut and has been conducting academic and industry-sponsored research for almost 30 years. The concept for this book project developed over several years of introspection into her own personal role models, exposure to multiple amazing women over her career and noticing a gap in the literature of stories on living (not dead), female role models. She is also an accomplished abstract photographer, art-inspired clothing designer, wife, and mother to two wonderful children who also serve as motivation for this book.

What you need to know before you submit

By donating your work, you are giving the editorial team permission to edit your story, if necessary, for length, anonymity, and clarity, as well as to reproduce it or any photos you choose to submit for the purpose of fund-raising, marketing, curriculum development, etc. Reproductions may be, but are not limited to, the stage, DVD, website, or print publication. By donating your work, you represent and warrant that you are the sole author of this work and own the rights thereto. Such donation does not prohibit you from re-publishing your work under your own name elsewhere at a later date, but be aware that a publisher may consider that publication a re-print.

One of our editors will preview and may edit your submission (story and photographs (photos are OPTIONAL and are not required)) as needed. The editor may revise your text, but will not change any meaning from your text. The editor is also able to make remarks and further revisions on your writing and contact you if she has a proposal of how your writing can be improved or enhanced.

Kindly also remember that by submitting any type of creative output to (stories or photos), you agree that the content does not infringe or violate someone else’s copyrights. You also grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to use your content and any associated materials submitted.