Sample story

Example template for your story


When I was growing up, [insert important person] used to [recount memory relevant to the story]. I will always remember her [words/actions], especially as I [action]. While my childhood was [pleasant/unpleasant/difficult], I always felt [how did you feel?].


I’ve always thought [explain your topic and how you feel about it].


Never was this clearer than when I was [age] and first [action taken]. That day stands out in my mind because [why it stands out]. [Add details]

Lessons Learned

While that point in my life was [difficult/amazing/short lived etc.], I learned a few things. Specifically: [list the lessons learned or make your point]

Anecdote 2

Another time, [recount another relevant memory].


In the end, [memories] taught me [lessons learned] and I’m grateful to them. Now it’s your turn. What can YOU do to change the world?

Your conclusion ties your core message together with the main points of your story and should call the reader to some sort of action.